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Arizona Missions - Spring 2013

A note from our son, Ryan:

RyanGuitarUpdate: Deadline passed and goal met! Thanks everyone!

"Friends and family, in case you did not know, I am planning to go on a missions trip to Arizona over Spring Break of 2013. It’s going to be pretty costly though and I have to be prepared to pay $500.00 of the overall cost by November 11th.
Since I’m currently trying to focus on school and don’t have a job, I’ve been relying primarily on odd jobs and what was left in my savings. My time is running out, however, and if any of you feel led to donate some money for this trip I would be more than grateful for any amount at all. Any and all donations given will go towards this trip, whether I get the opportunity to go or not, just to another student instead of myself. If you feel led to give, there’s a nifty little donations thing here that will put the money right into a missions savings account via PayPal. If it doesn’t work or you’d like to donate but cannot use PayPal, you can message me and I’ll let you have my mailing address. Thanks to those willing to donate, and all who just took the time to read this. :)   Ryan”

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God may defer his judgments for a time, and give a people a longer space of repentance; he may stay till the iniquities of a nation be full; but sooner or later they have reason to expect his vengeance.
John Tillotson